Kerry Grant 

Yoga Teacher

I was lucky enough to be a part of the retreat in October 2013. The Bali Eco Stay is a magical place. I have visited many parts of Bali but this was something completely different. In the foothills of Mt Batakaru, beautiful organic food prepared with love by the gorgeous local Balinese women. The day was planned well and started with yoga then workshops, meditations, swimming in the natural waterfall or stream. Everything was fun! Enough free time to gather my thoughts and realise how lucky I was. Beautiful women to share it with. Natalie is a special person. She is one of those people who you feel that any time spent with her, whatever you are doing, is time well-spent. She brings out the best in people! My life changed after the beautiful week I spent with INSPIRE!

Shankari Chandran


 I am a writer who has faced years of rejection from publishers and uncertainty (from myself). I had committed to this career change but after many years of writing, sending out submissions and waiting, Id lost faith...Natalie created a safe and supportive space for me to think about who I am and who I want to be. The guided meditations helped me delve into who my best self is...and helped me clarify what my priorities are in life, and then find my faith and confidence in myself to re-commit to those priorities... A year later I  had my first book published and my second book will be published in a few months. My third book is in progress... Thank you Natalie, I don't think I would have stayed on this path without your support!


Ashleigh West


I recently went on Natalies weekend retreat at St Albans. It's something that I can really recommend enough to anybody. This is the perfect escape from the regular pressures and stresses of our busy lives. The place, the meditations, the activities, and the food throughout the whole weekend were all amazing. A wonderful mini escape from which you are guaranteed to walk away a better version of yourself. 

Feb 2016

Dianne Durrington Clinical Nurse Spec.

Highly recommended to all women who wish to attend one of these beautiful retreats . Natalie is an inspiring women's wellness advocate. For those who are constantly running and lead busy lives or those who wish for a break to re- center and re- focus the retreats provide a chance to do just that. I have been to two of Nat's retreats and both times i have left inspired ,well rested and grateful to have attended such a fantastic get together with other women. Yoga , great food and meditation are all part of the program along with laughter and discussion in a great supportive environment. 


Isabelle Zastravnikovic

Director Childcare

I have attended many retreats, from a life transforming journey in Bali, to weekend retreats and the one day sessions.  Each retreat was different and delivered with new experiences.  Each session allowed me to become a better person, allowed me to re-energised and to gain clarity about the purpose of my personal journey in life.   The retreats also gave me the opportunity to focus, and to meet and learn from a variety of amazing and empowering women.  I am grateful for Natalie’s leadership and facilitation, her inclusive approach,her generosity and her knowledge have allowed me to reconnect with what I consider important.  In all of my experiences with the retreats, I enjoyed how the atmosphere was safe, warm and all considerations were taking into account to ensure everyone felt welcomed and included. I can’t wait to attend another retreat!

Alex Forster

Trainer Adult Education

I have come away from my time at the retreat as a very different person.

I am surrounded by a lightness of spirit that I haven't felt for a very long time.

I feel topped up.

I can see, hear and sense so many of the beautiful things that abound in my life and I am grateful for this.
My heart is filled with joy and my soul has been renewed.
Thank you so much for your generosity and love.

Joanna O'Reilly 

Business Dev & Marketing Manager

The Living in Harmony Retreat was one of the most beautiful and transformational weekends I have ever been on in my life. I can't wait to go on another one! 

Tracey James


Today l went to a one day retreat with Natalie Hull. I was quite nervous about the day but right from the onset Natalie, with her calm manner set a very relaxed comfortable vibe. It was a day of self discovery and shared inspiration. The meditations were awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed creating and sharing my vision board for 2017.
I feel like l now have a direction in life for this year.l feel more positive and am ready to face the future. The venue was very nice and had a cool vibe to it.The morning tea and lunch were delicious!!! 
I highly recommend a retreat with Natalie .

Feb 2017